King Kong Review

if you like the blockbuster film then you will love the slot machine. The King Kong online casino is the most exciting online slot has encountered on the world wide web. From big gun gambling developers Cryptologic, King Kong is one of the most innovative and exciting slots in which we guarantee you will be lost for hours, days, months, and years.

This is one of the best slots because you feel a high roller win is just around the corner, although it almost never is, the buzz, great design and smooth operating system means this monster of an online slot ticks all the boxes.

Another triumph to follow on from the entertaining and very fun Marvel comic slots, that were, and still are a roaring online success.

Even though the had a thoroughly miserable and unlucky session when we first started out, we found ourselves still eager to continue, and the free spin slot bonus offers are by far the best out of any slot machine on the web. A must for all slot junkies.